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  • Cover Image Pediatric Nutrition Support Handbook, 1st Edition


    Electronic Access Only: A.S.P.E.N. Pediatric Nutrition Support Handbook

    Editor-in-Chief: Mark R. Corkins, MD, CNSP, SPR, FAAP

    © 2011
    136 pages
    Single-user eBook only.  To get this eBook for multiple users, check out institutional licensing information here.

    The Pediatric Nutrition Support Handbook is a quick-reference resource on how to safely, effectively, and confidently care for pediatric patients receiving parenteral and enteral nutrition. Inside, you will find:

    • Tables and charts on various nutrients, RDIs, assessment methods, formulas, and others that you can refer to at the bedside
    • Information on age-specific nutrition from fetal development through childhood/adolescence
    • Step-by-step techniques to assess calorie needs, to initiate and monitor nutrition support and more
    • A variety of practical tools to save time and boost quality of care
    • Information on nutrition assessment, nutrition guidelines and disease-specific nutrition challenges

    The handbook's best practices format, multidisciplinary perspective, and training expertise offers something for everyone from novice to the advanced practitioner. This handbook is a companion to the popular A.S.P.E.N. Pediatric Nutrition Support Core Curriculum.

    Electronic Access is available via computer.

    Instructions to access the online publication will be sent via Email upon confirmation of your order.

    ISBN: 978-1-889622-15-6

    Table of Contents

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